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What We Do

Netops Solutions, Inc. (NOS) is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. NOS designs, troubleshoots, and installs network infrastructures. Leveraging our technical expertise, a no-nonsense business model, and an indispensable asset to many of our commercial and government clients,  our goals are to:  (1) Implement a strategy to help your users adopt IT Change; (2) Secure your data; (3) Help you develop a technology plan.

We Provide The Following Services:
  • Information technology analysis, strategy, and design

  • Network design, continuous maintenance, and support 

  • Change and Configuration Management

  • Firewall Security, IAVA and STIG Compliance

  • DNS management and security

  • On-site maintenance and support

  • Network Security design and analysis

  • IT Change Management

  • Process development

  • Ongoing consultation


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